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Local Facebook Groups: Learn how to market your business locally.

Posted by Neil Harvey on Nov 29, 2019 8:43:50 AM

When speaking to our customers, some of the most common questions we get asked are; "how can I use the internet to market my businesses?" and "how can we get online without investing large amounts?" 

As a business that uses digital technology in everything we do, we thought that we would try and help by giving customers some advice, based on our experiences. 

Topics: Market Your Business

SteelScout Marketing Guides.

We've produced a set of marketing guides, based on some of the best digital tools out there.  Why digital?  Because, due to their scale, they tend to provide high reach at lowest cost and effort, even at a local level.  Meaning that you are visible to more potential customers with less investment.

Our first series covers how to use Facebook as a marketing tool and in this first part, how to use Local Facebook Groups to your advantage. 

Find out how you can:

  • Identify local groups of buyers
  • Introduce yourself to the community
  • Contribute to relavant conversations
  • Attract prospective buyers with a few minutes everyday

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In this guide, find out how to:

  • Identify local customers
  • Target specific buyers
  • Attract new business with very little effort


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